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In this section we have some Historical facts and events that have taken place in and around Mattishall.
If there is anything you would like to add please get in touch.

Arthur John Farrow, Motor Transport and Threshing Contractor - Mattishall's largest ever employer
Francis and Henry Beckham of Mattishall Burgh, convicted of stealing a sheep and transported to Australia
1781 - 1859 - A look at old newspapers and how the attitude to punishment was so different
1860 - 1879 - A look at old newspapers and how the attitude to punishment was so different
1880 Onward - A look at old newspapers and how the attitude to punishment was so different
Mattishall had at least eight pubs
The life of Sir James Bailey MP who was the son of a Mattishall farm labourer
During the second World War there was an American Airfield close by. Service personal would visit the village.
In 2001 many veterans returend to pay their respects to their lost comrades
John Hoy & Son's, clock and watch maker of Dereham Road , Mattishall
'Mattishall Martyr' & The Church Rate Case
Mattishall's First World War air field - A story of the Bingham family
The 'Rise and Fall' of Mattishall's village school built in 1872
Mattishall memorial to our brave men who lost their lives in the two World Wars and a look at their families.
The Doy family who emigrated 'Down Under early 1900's'
Shakespearean actor, dramatist and poet and later a recruiter of men for 1914-18 war duty, employed by the milatry.
(1743-1820) Doctor and surgeon of Mattishall - featured in Parson James Woodforde's Diaries
A hoard of Roman silver coins found in Cedar Rise, Mattishall
One of the most distinctive properties in Mattishall
A look of Mattishall's street names and how they got those names.
Theo reflects on her Father's and Grandfather's lives - both were family doctors in Mattishall from 1886 - 1949.
Story of our village windmills
Story of Mattishall's wool trade history

Family History: Over the years many families have played a great part in Mattishalls history. Since the start of the village website there has been many enquiries regarding them with many people sharing their research.
Below are some well known names of Mattishall and Mattishall Bugh. The information consists mainly of Birth, Marriage, Death and Census records and any stories shared with us. It relates mainly on their time in the village, and how and where they came from. We can't vouch for the accuracy of the information but do welcome any feedback if things are wrong or you would like to add more.

Sir James Bailey. MP
Link to family site
Swing Rioter - Convict
Link to family site
Clock & Watch Maker
Transported to Australia and Tasmania as convicts


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